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Reading Days & Summer Hours

Mueller Center

Mueller Center Summer Hours begin May 19th as follows
Monday - Friday 7am - 8pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am - 5pm


'87 Gym

Monday - Friday 11am - 2pm
Saturday and Sunday Closed


This will be the norm for the 87 gym until classes begin in the fall.

Mueller Center School Year Regular Hours of Operation:

Mon - Thur: 7am - midnight
Fri: 7am - 9pm
Sat: 9am - 7pm
Sun: 9am - midnight

Why the Mueller Center?

The extensive equipment, facilities, and expertise of the Mueller Center allows you to get a thorough workout. The staff of the Mueller Center is ready, willing, and anxious to give you the knowledge to do so. You can get this information either in person, via classes, or through this website.

What will exercise do for me?

A workout is a good way to relieve stress from life and studies. Also, the better condition you are in, the better you will think.

Pay for classes with Paypal!

Pay for classes with a credit card via Paypal. This is for payment only. You still need to register with DONNA as to WHAT class(es) you are registering for (518 276-2874 or ). Full registration is two classes per week. Half registration is one class per week. (Please make sure you use the appropriate button.)

IMPORTANT - You still need to register with DONNA as to WHAT class(es) you are registering for (518 276-2874 or ).

Mueller Center Class Registration Fee

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To contact the Mueller Center please call, fax or email:

Donna Sutton
Phone: 276-2874
Fax: 276-2817

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